Dear Mayor Gilberto Kassab

I live in São Paulo four years and I noticed that the problems of this metropolis have got worse in this period. Paulistas citizens living in metropolitan region particularly are the most affected.

As a first concern I would say that the public transport system in east zone. The subway and bus systems collapsed for some time, due to people who live far from the great centers commute to business districts downtown. As a consequence daily all means of transport are very crowded. On the other hand the subway system overcrowded, however, is pretty clean and punctual.

Secondly I dare say that which major problems there aren’t enough street lights in the city. Dark streets aggravate the violence downtown and neighborhoods. Another serious problem is the homeless people because they are drug addicted and mentally ill. The streets and squares in the center are occupied by these individuals, making it impossible for citizens and tourists enjoy the historical and cultural city. It is a shame that something like this happens in a megalopolis as São Paulo since it belongs to citizens from the world. Despite being a public health issue, it is also a serious social problem that the authorities insist on ignoring.

The city should provide more bike lanes and sidewalks, because bicycle and walking simultaneously solve several problems such as pollution, number of cars on the streets, number of passengers on the subway and buses, besides being an alternative that requires low investment and improves the general health of the population. These spaces should be better illuminated and with community police.

Yours sincerely

Marie A.

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